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Unlock the potential of advertising on the move with our vehicle branding services! Transform your company vehicles into dynamic, striking advertising collateral that reach your prospects wide and far. As a vehicle branding company in Dubai, we have boosted brand visibility for distinct brands with our effective vehicle branding services. Transform your fleet into mobile billboards that promote your products and services round the clock. If your brand vehicles advance through the city streets or aren't on the move but rather present at a busy event, your message is front and centre. As they take notice of your brand often, your brand name will become imprinted in their minds, gradually becoming a household name. If they pique your interest, they will further enquire about your contact info and other details further generating sales. Invest in our vehicle branding services and see your brand transcend new heights. Approach our vehicle branding company in Dubai and we will determine what’s the best material for your specific application.

Some common materials used for vehicle branding:
  • Vinyl Sticker: Vinyl wraps are a common choice for vehicle branding. Binsbay offer a wide range of colours and finishes, including textured, UV lamination, matte or gloss options. Vinyl sticker are durable, can protect the vehicle’s original paint, and easily removable when required.
  • Magnetic Signs: Magnetic signs are a temporary option. They are easy to apply and remove, making them suitable for vehicles that need branding only on occasion. However, they may not be as visually striking as vinyl stickers.
  • Paint: Some vehicle branding is achieved through custom paint jobs. This provides a seamless and long-lasting finish, but it tends to be more expensive than other options and may not be as versatile.
  • Perforated Window Film: This material allows branding on windows while still maintaining visibility from inside the vehicle. It’s commonly used for vehicle window advertising.
  • Reflective Materials: Reflective vinyl or materials are often used on emergency vehicles and for safety purposes. They can enhance visibility in low-light conditions.
RTA Permit to Advertise on Vehicles:
Required documents for commercial vehicles:
  • Design of the advertisement (Mock up)
  • Trade license of the advertising company
  • Copy of the vehicle’s mulkiya
  • Vehicle for CID Inspection for 1 time (for Full Wrapping only)

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